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Takeru Satoh Biography

Takeru Satoh is a Japanese actor who will work on the Netflix TV Drama, First Love. First Love is a Japanese Romantic TV Drama that follows the love life of Namik Harumachi and Noguchi Yae. The program is a Netflix original film written and directed by Kanchiku Yuri. It is a film inspired by the works of Japanese singer Hikaru Utada. Additionally, the songs in the series were composed and written by Hikaru Utada. It premieres on Netflix globally on Thursday, November 24th, 2022.

Photo of Takeru Satoh
Photo of Takeru Satoh

How Old is Takeru Satoh?

Satoh was born on 21st March 1989 in Iwatsuki, Saitama, Japan. He is 33 years old as of 2022.

Takeru Satoh Height / Measurements

Satoh is of average body stature and stands at a height of 5 feet and 7 inches.

Takeru Satoh Partner/ Wife

Satoh manages to keep information regarding whether he is married or not away from the public. However, we will update information about his spouse once it’s available.

Takeru Satoh Kids / Children

Satoh manages to keep information regarding whether he has any kids away from the limelight. However, we will update this information about his children once it’s available.

Takeru Satoh Family / Relatives

Satoh manages to keep information regarding his parents away from the limelight. Even so, his parents divorced when he was still in middle school. Moreover, he has a younger sister. Additionally, he shares no information regarding whether he has any siblings or not. We will update this information once it’s available.

Takeru Satoh Education

Satoh completed his high school education at Koshigaya Kita High School in 2007. Further, when he was in primary and middle school, Satoh played baseball. Also, he possesses a black belt in Shorinji Kempo. Before elementary school, he served as a child actor for three or four years and appeared in commercials and magazine photo shoots.

Takeru Satoh Career

Satoh serves on the Netflix TV Drama, First Love. First Love is a Japanese Romantic TV Drama that follows the love life of Namik Harumachi and Noguchi Yae. Japanese singer, Hikaru Utada’s works inspired the film. Additionally, Hikaru Utada composed and wrote the songs in the series. First Love, a Netflix original film written and directed by Kanchiku Yuri premieres on Netflix globally on Thursday, November 24th, 2022. To boot, he began acting in 2006 and has served in the industry for more than 16 years.

Nonetheless, in 2006 Satoh debuted his acting career when he was scouted by an agent from Amuse, Inc. in Harajuku in Tokyo when he was a senior in high school. Further, his initial drama was when he served on Princess Princess D (TV Asahi) in the role of Toru Kouno. Princess Princess D (TV Asahi) aired on TV Asahi from June to September 2006 and was generally based on the manga Princess Princess by Mikiyo Tsuda.

In 2007, he served as a guest star in Shinigami no Ballad (Kentaroh Ishihara). In the wake of the success and popularity of Kamen Rider Den-O and its two fresh cinematic releases, in the spring of 2008, he starred in the awarded TBS drama, Rookies which was shown on prime-time television as the role of Yuya Okada. The role, Yuya Okada, is one member of a high school baseball club that consists of a group of hooligans.

Even though he played a minor role in the series, he considers the role to be his breakout role. Also, he starred in a live-action in the summer of 2009. Moreover, he appeared in the drama, Bloody Monday, based on the manga of the same name written by Ryumon Ryo and illustrated by Megumi Koji. In the next two years, he appeared in TV programs like Mei’s Butler, Mr. Brain, True Horror Stories, and MW Dai-0-sho. To boot, he appeared in films such as Goemon and Beck.

In 2010, he served as Okada Izō in his initial Taiga drama, Ryōmaden, and got his key leading role on prime-time television with the teen drama, Q10. Regardless, in May 2012 he made his stage debut when he served as Romeo in the Japanese adaptation of the Shakespearean classic, Romeo, and Juliet. Subsequently, he went on to serve on a drama series based on a novel by Shigematsu Kiyoshi, Tonbi.

Next, he starred in a science fiction mystery film directed by Kiyoshi Kurosawa,  Real. Also, he starred in the live-adaptation movie based on the manga Kanojo wa Uso o Aishisugiteru, The Liar and His Lover(she fell in love with my lie/she likes lies too much). In 2014, he played the role of a rookie detective in Fuji TV’s, Bitter Blood.

Relying on his movie success, he made his TV return with the praised TBS series, The Emperor’s Cook in early 2015. Additionally, he followed up with 3 Toho Corporation films in 2015 and 2016 counting the manga live adaptation Bakuman and the light novel adaptation, If Cats Disappeared from the World and Someone.

Moreover, his role in the 2017 film, The 8-Year Engagement (The true story of the bride’s miracle over 8 years) gained him a nomination for best actor at the 41st Japan Academy Prize. In 2018, he appeared in two awarded television series; NHK Asadora Hanbun, Aoi, and TBS series, Blues of Stepmother and Daughter.  In 2021, he, along with One OK Rock and Ryūnosuke Kamiki left Amuse, Inc. and established a new agency with a co-actor, Ryunosuke Kamiki, dubbed “Co-LaVo.” Else, he serves as an unofficial member of the Elite Four in the Pokémon Trading Card Game since 14 December 2021.

Takeru Satoh-First Love

Satoh serves on the Netflix TV Drama, First Love. First Love is a Japanese Romantic TV Drama that follows the love life of Namik Harumachi and Noguchi Yae. The young couple, Namik Harumachi and Noguchi Yae meet in the late ’90s, grow up in the 2000s, and eventually lead up to the present day as they find what had made their relationship memorable despite the over 2 decades that have passed.

Yae Noguchi, a striving flight attendant discovers fate’s other plans for her when a lethal accident struck her in the midst of grasping her dreams. On the other hand, Harumichi Namiki at one time served as a pilot for the self-defense forces, but no longer pursues that career path. Moreover, their younger versions will feature Yagi Rikako and Kido Taisei who will be making their Netflix debuts in First Love.

First Love, a Netflix original film written and directed by Kanchiku Yuri, a 10-episode program premieres on Netflix globally on Thursday, November 24th, 2022. Japanese singer, Hikaru Utada’s works inspired the film. Additionally, Utada composed and wrote the songs in the series. Satoh will serve alongside his fellow cast members;

  1. Hikari Mitsushima
  2. Taisei Kido
  3. Rikako Yagi
  4. Kaho
  5. Minami
  6. Akiyoshi Nakao
  7. Aoi Yamada
  8. Towa Araki
  9. Gaku Hamada
  10. Osamu Mukai
  11. Arata Iura
  12. Kyoko Koizumi

Takeru Satoh- Rurouni Kenshin.

On 28 June 2011, Satoh got confirmed to star as Himura Kenshin in a live-action film adaptation of the manga series, Rurouni Kenshin. Nobuhiro Watsuki wrote and illustrated the Japanese manga series. The story starts during the 11th year of the Meiji period in Japan (1878). In addition, it shadows a former assassin from the Bakumatsu, Hitokiri Battosai.

Moreover, Hitokiri Battosai vanishes to become Himura Kenshin. Kenshin is a roaming swordsman who protects the people of Japan with a vow never to claim another life. It revolves around themes of peace, atonement, and romance. Further, the release of the live-action film adaptation of the manga series was in August 2012. Else, it grossed a total of 3.01 billion yen at the domestic box office.

In 2014, he reprised the role of Himura Kenshin in two sequel films of Rurouni Kenshin’s live-action franchise, Kyoto Inferno and The Legend Ends. The manga author, Nobuhiro Watsuki applauded Satoh’s performance and dubbed him the ideal actor to personate Kenshin. The Makati City council appointed Satoh, alongside Rurouni Kenshin, co-stars Emi Takei, Munetaka Aoki, and director Keishi Ōtomo, “Cultural Friendship Ambassador” to the Philippines on 7th August 2014.

In 2018 Rurouni Kenshin series got a prequel and a sequel to the original trilogy with Satoh reprising his lead role. Principal filming wrapped in June 2019 and the movie screening was in 2020.

Takeru Satoh-Kamen Rider

The seventeenth installment of the Kamen Rider where Satoh played the role of Ryotaro Nogami, made him famous. Also, he ascribes the popularity of Den-O to its comedic timing. In October 2008, he redid his role as Ryotaro (Den-O) in the third film of Kamen Rider Den-O. In 2018, he redid the role of Ryotaro Nogami in the last Kamen Rider movie of the Heisei period. Further, during the shooting of Kamen Rider Den-O, Satoh got primary pneumothorax. The diagnosis was made following his complaints of pain in the left chest and has since recuperated.

Takeru Satoh Other Drama Series, Films, and Programs

Satoh has appeared in other films and programs such as ;

  1. The Man Who Wants To Be Truthful
  2. The Unknown Civilizations
  3.  Tokyo: The Miracle City
  4.  Our 50 Years With Weekly Shonen Jump
  5. 69th NHK Kōhaku Uta Gassen Ju
  6.  Tokyo Miracle Various roles
  7. An Incurable Case of Love/Love Lasts Forever
  8. The Emperor’s Cook
  9. MW Chapter 0: Akuma no Game
  10. Mei’s Butler
  11. In The Wake
  12. One Night

Takeru Satoh Awards

Throughout the years, Satoh has attained numerous awards and honors such as;

  1. 60th Television Drama Academy Awards
  2. 20th Japan Movie Critics Award
  3. 35th Elan d’or Awards
  4. Japan Action Awards 2012
  5. 76th Television Drama Academy Awards
  6. Japan Action Awards 2015
  7. 9th Asian Film Awards
  8. 24th Hashida Award
  9. 42nd Broadcasting Culture Fund Award
  10.  76th Mainichi Film Awards

Mone Kamishiraishi and Takeru Satoh

Kamishiraishi is a Japanese actress and singer who was born on 27 January 1998. Also, she is the elder sister of actress and singer Moka Kamishiraishi. She and Satoh served as co-stars in the Japanese drama, Love Lasts Forever/ Incurable Case of Love. The program is a romance, comedy medical film that follows the story of Sakura Nanase, a 22-year-old rookie nurse(Mone Kamishiraishi), and Doctor Tendo Kairi, a 33-years-old(Takeru Satoh).

How Much is Takeru Satoh Worth?

Through Satoh’s career as an actor, he has been able to accumulate a net worth that ranges between $1 Million and $ 5 Million.

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